Mother McAuley Alumnae Association


March 1, 2010


Dear Alumnae:


We are deeply saddened to learn that allegations of sexual misconduct have been made by one of our former students against a former camp assistant at a summer program held at Mother McAuley. The accused is not and has never been a teacher at Mother McAuley. Rather, the individual participated in the School's summer theater program, but, has not been affiliated with that program in several years.


It has been the long-standing mission of Mother McAuley High School to provide quality education to young women.  Along with formal education, the School strives to teach young women to think critically, communicate effectively, and respond compassionately to the needs of the community and assume roles of Christian leadership.


Mother McAuley High School wishes to reaffirm its Mission and assure all in the community that the safety and protection of the young people entrusted to the School's care is of paramount importance.


Our prayers go out to all involved in this matter. 

                                                           Dr. Christine Melone


                                                           Mother McAuley High School

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